Informed Consent

Dear Research Participant,

 We would like to invite you participating in our study focused on student success in online practitioner oriented doctoral program. The purpose of this mixed methods study is to explore and identify the nature, contributing factors, and ways to improve student success for nontraditional students in an online doctoral program. The research team members are Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D., Ryan Rominger, Ph.D., and Mark McCaslin, P.h.D at University of Phoenix.

 Your participation will involve:

1. Taking a survey that contains questions about your demographics and perspective toward nature of student success and contributing factors to student success (approximately 10-15 minutes).

2. You may be invited to participate in an interview to further share your perspective and experience related to nature and contributing factors of student success (approximately 20-30 minutes). Interviews will be conducted through phone contact or a phone conferencing systems (such as Skype for Business or Free Conference Call), scheduled at a mutually convenient time, and safeguard confidentiality.

 If you are alumni, you will complete:

3. NEO-FFI-3, a personality traits measure on a 3-points Likert scale that is a valid and reliable instrument which identifies the five personality traits of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism,  and openness to experience  (approximately 5-7 minutes).

4. Grit scale, a 5-points Likert scale that is valid and reliable instrument and which measures your grit (perseverance) (approximately 5-7 minutes).

 Once you start, you can withdraw from the study at any time without any penalty or loss of benefits.  The results of the research study may be published but your identity will remain confidential and your name will not be made known to any outside party.

In this research, there are no foreseeable risks to you. Although there may be no direct benefit to you, a possible benefit from your being part of this study is that more knowledge about student success in doctoral program that is so important to the field of higher education will be known. The findings may  help doctoral program administrators and faculty members to further revise the doctoral programs and improve student success in the programs. 

If you have any questions about the research study, please contact Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi at 407-496-1224 or  or Dr. Ryan Rominger at 406-781-8260 or  For questions about your rights as a study participant, or any concerns or complaints, please contact the University of Phoenix Institutional Review Board via email at

As a participant in this study, you should understand the following:

1.        You may decide to withdraw from the study at any time. If you decide to withdraw, you can do so without any problems by contacting the study point-of-contact by phone or email with that information.

2.        Your identity will be kept confidential. Email addresses and names are the only personal identifiers are being collected by the researchers and will be kept confidential.

3.      This informed consent form, has fully explained the nature of the research study. If you have more questions, you may contact Dr. Kebritchi or Dr. Rominger who answer all of your questions and concerns.

4.      The only data recorded will be your informed consent form, instrument scores, answers to the survey and interview questions.  

5.      Data will be kept secure on a thumb drive in a locked drawer and when used for data analysis, an alpha numeric code will be used to identify the scores rather than a name. The data will be kept for three years, and then destroyed.

6.      The results of this study may be published.

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* 2. What is your email address?
Please use the same address in the personality traits measure.  Your email address will be confidential. We only use it to connect the responses in the survey with the personality traits measure responses and share the final results with you.