1. Board of Delegates Outreach Questionnaire

* 1. How important do you think outreach is to...

  Not important Somewhat important Important Very important
Your organization
The Pittsburgh Jewish Community

* 2. My organization has a current plan in place to address outreach.

* 3. Please tell us specifically what efforts your organization has in place for outreach and to whom.

* 4. Which group(s) do you think are most important to reach out to? (you may choose more than one)

* 5. My organization would be interested in partnering with the UJF and other groups within the Jewish Community to address outreach issues.

* 6. Which of the following action steps would your organization find most useful?

  Not useful Somewhat useful Useful Very Useful Sign me up now!
-A follow up meeting of the Board of Delegates to determine next steps
-Learning how your organization might do outreach or do it better
-An individualized professional evaluation of how your organization can do outreach or do it better
-Getting more information on programs that were discussed and/ or those administered by the Jewish Outreach Institute
-Getting assistance from the UJF's Jewish Community Life Commission to apply for a grant for innovative outreach programming
-Receptionist training
-More community programming with the Jewish Outreach Institute

* 7. Can you suggest any other action steps that you would find useful?

* 8. How relevant did you find Rabbi Kerry Olitsky's talk to your organization

* 9. Name & organization