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Virtual World Projects Return On Investment Questionnaire
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The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide base data on return on investment experiences to date with virtual world projects. This questionnaire is part of an overall Case Study On Virtual World Projects ROI.
"VIRTUAL WORLD" is defined as including interactive three-dimensional spatial locations operating on networked computers, with multiple persons logged in and interacting in real time, with the results dependent on multiple persons' actions.
"INVESTMENT" is defined as including legal tender, third party resources, and individual and staff time and effort.
"RETURN" is defined as including legal tender, tangible assets (such as digital property and staff), and intangible assets (such as reputation, positive publicity, positive experience).


The focus of this questionnaire is those using virtual world projects as part of their primary industries.
"PRIMARY" is defined as meaning over half your real world income is earned from the industry.
"INDUSTRY" is defined as including any systematic, value-creating activity such as craft, art, business, service (specify industry in Section III of the questionnaire)
"MUSIC INDUSTRY" (for example) is defined as including all aspects from composing and performing through producing and promoting and sponsoring.
"TOURISM INDUSTRY" (for example) is defined as including all aspects from retail and travel and entertainment through producing and promoting and sponsoring.


We realize it takes time and thought to respond to these questions and appreciate your willingness to participate! Where appropriate, we will include mention of your name or company as a key contributor to the project. Participants will be kept informed of study progress and receive a copy of the final report.

Responses will be kept confidential.
Please respond to all questions that apply to you.
If a question does not apply, please type "na".
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