* 1. Do you use your Compost bin?

If you answered Yes at question 1 please go to question 3.

* 2. If you answered no, why?

If you answered No at question 1 please go to question 9.

* 3. How do you rate your compost bin for ease of operation?

* 4. Are you experiencing less waste in your rubbish bins as a result of composting?

* 5. What type of waste do you compost? Check all that apply

* 6. Have you had any problems with your compost bin?

* 7. Were you already composting prior to receiving this bin?

* 8. Do you have any suggestions for other composters?

* 9. Do you have any other comments about our program?

* 10. Please leave your name & phone number below if you would like us to contact you.