* 1. Address

* 2. Team Played for during the Fall 2017 Season

* 3. What is your GPA?

* 4. SAT score

* 5. Please list COMMUNITY SERVICE projects & other Service Activities.
Please list the activity, year and director or advisor

* 6. Please list other extracurricular activities such as SPORTS, PERFORMING ARTS AND OTHER CLUBS that you participated in during your Junior and Senior year.
Please list the activity, year and coach, director or adviser.

* 7. Please List Cougar Travel teams that you participated.  ie. U9, U10, U11.  Also list team name & coach if you remember.

* 8. Please list your top college/university choices?

* 9. Do you intend to play Soccer in College / University?

* 10. Describe how your experience with Cougar Soccer Club helped prepare you as an Athlete and a Student for CHS?  What learning's from both the club and interscholastic soccer experience will you apply as you move forward into college/university?