The NYUServiceProject is composed of students who are highly dedicated to serving as advocates and allies in their communities and are equally committed to learning effective ways to bridge social justice and civic engagement. As part of their training and experiential learning, the NYUServiceProject volunteers will learn to critically think about the interconnectedness and interdependence of human kind to all living things and the environment. They will examine positive and effective ways to promote social justice, improve the quality of life on earth and create a healthy and sustainable living environment for all living things. They will explore a wide spectrum of successful social change models created through grassroots and community-based initiatives as well as governmental and policy-driven initiatives, and explore the possibilities not yet achieved by visionaries in the field.

The idea of a volunteer team is central to the success of this group. With a current membership of over 500, the NYUServiceProject provides greatly needed support to non-profit agencies serving at-risk youth, underserved communities, senior citizens, homebound elderly, and homeless New Yorkers.

The interns will commit to 10-15 hrs per week. As the specific duties of the interns will vary per site, some of the general expectations of the students through the program include, but are not limited to:
* Coordinating volunteers
* Assisting with office support
* Providing additional educational resources for volunteers
* Facilitating group reflections
* Participating in all NYU Service trainings
* Working with your team to develop a special project for your agency
* Attending all required events and programs for the NYUServiceProject and your agency
* Maintaining in good standing with the University as a fully matriculated student
* Abiding by all agency, Student Activities, New York University, guidelines, procedures, and policies
* Serving as an ambassador of the NYUServiceProject, Center for Student Activities. Leadership and Service, New York University, and your agency

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship.

You must also be available to attend the following:
- NYUService Retreat: September 21 - September 22 at Frost Valley YMCA
- NYUServiceProject Meetings: Every other week starting the week of September 9th (actual day of the week to be determined once all interns are selected).

What internships are available?
Please visit the NYUServiceProject website to read all job descriptions before you rank your top choices. Visit: www.nyu.edu and search NYUServiceProject

If you have any questions regarding the NYUServiceProject program or the Intern position, please feel free to contact Diana Lugo-Martinez [diana.lugo@nyu.edu (212-998-4201)]