* 1. Which Division Did Your Child Play in?

* 2. Registration

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Registration Process
Registration Fee

* 3. Programs and Facilities

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Evaluation Process
Number of Practices
Number of Games
Condition of Fields
Game Officials (Umpires)
Quality of Equipment
Length of Season
Strength of Competition
Distance traveled to games

* 5. Head Coach

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Practice Preparation
Knowledge of Softball
Kept winning in perspective
Communicated with you
Encouraged your daughter
Taught Softball fundamentals
Corrected mistakes/bad habits

* 6. Please tell us who your assistant coaches were and what your experience was with them.

* 7. Your child's softball experience

  Yes No Undecided
Would your child want to play for the head coach again?
Did your child have fun?
Did your child's softball skills and knowledge improve?
Does your child want to continue playing softball?
Did your daughters like the uniform this year?
Did you volunteer in any capacity this year?

* 8. League Play And Tournaments

  Yes No Undecided
Did you like Playing in the Tri County League (U14O and U12O)
Did you like playing in the Rochester League (U12B, U10O and U10B)
Did your age group play in enough tournaments?
Did your age group play in too many tournaments?

* 9. Please Let Us Know What Other Comments/Suggestions You Have to Help Us Improve the Huskies Fastpitch Program.  Would you be interested in coaching or volunteering next year?

* 10. Your Contact Information is Optional