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On December 21, 2010, the New York State Electronic Certificate of Need system (NYSECON) was released. The purpose of NYSECON was to provide an efficient, paperless means by which health care providers could submit certificate of need and limited review applications to the New York State Department of Health. Now that health care providers have had an opportunity to use the system, the Department would like to know what you think of it. Therefore, we are asking health care providers to complete a brief User Satisfaction Survey. The feedback we receive from this 10 minute survey will provide important information about where NYSECON has been successful and more importantly where it requires improvement. Future modifications and changes to NYESCON will in large part be determined by your feedback. The survey is self explanatory and very user friendly. We appreciate your time and consideration.

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* 1. What type of organization do you work for?

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* 2. Have you used NYSE-CON?