Greeting from the Lighthouse Youth Ministry,

Here at Immanuel Baptist Church it is our heartfelt mission to know and follow Jesus Christ and make Him known to all people, especially the youth of Ridgecrest. I have set a youth ministry membership goal. I wish to achieve an active youth membership of 45 students by July 1st 2017. I would greatly appreciate your completion of the survey below to give me your thoughts on how to best accomplish the goal. 

* 1. I'd like to know you better as parents or guardians

* 2. Which of the following options would be the most effective way to communicate with your family? (Select all that apply)

* 3. I'd be glad to help the Youth Ministry...

* 5. What are the largest obstacles keeping your student(s) from being a weekly involved member of our Sunday Night Youth Group 6:30-8:00? (Select All That Apply)

* 6. So who's coming or could come to Youth Group?

* 7. Are there any 'Special Attention Needs' you would like me to be aware of regarding one or multiple of your children as I engage them in conversation or while they participate in youth events?

* 8. What cultural topics would you like me to address from a Biblical perspective as I disciple your student(s)

* 9. Is there anything I can specifically do to help you in the spiritual development of your youth?

* 10. Have I missed anything? Call me if you have additional questions or concerns. Church (760) 446-4531 Ext 119; Personal Cell (201) 289-0311 (Unlimited Text)