The Museum Association of New York is pursuing the development of the New York State Museum Education Act. Throughout the spring of 2014 we will be collecting your feedback as we advance the formulation of this endeavor. Please read the following information on the Act and respond with your questions, ideas and concerns below.
The Museum Education Act provides the financial support for museums and schools, across New York State, to create meaningful educational programs, facilitate teacher and student access to cultural institutions, which strengthens the bond between New York State’s unparalleled cultural resources and its classrooms.

• New York State is home to the greatest art, history, and science museums in America. The Museum Education Act launches a major partnership between museums and schools, bringing the resources of New York’s museums to statewide efforts to improve student performance.

• The Museum Education Act aligns the resources of New York’s museums with New York State’s Education Standards. It stimulates the creation of new, innovative resources that facilitate investigative, inquiry-based learning.

• The Museum Education Act directly links the museum resources to New York’s classrooms and trains teachers and educators in the most effective use of these assets.

• The Museum Education Act recognizes New York’s museums and facilitates access by establishing a program of formula-based funding that connects museums to educators and learners.

• The competitive grants program to fund pre-visit support materials, costs for school group visits, professional development for teachers, museum educational programing, access to collections, exhibitions and staff, and post visit resources in classrooms, and enhanced learning experiences.

• The Museum Education Act is an initiative of the New York State Board of Regents, The New York State Education Department, the program administered by the Office of Cultural Education.

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