1. Welcome

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the North York Moors, Coast and Hills LEADER Programme has now ended. However, we are lucky to have secured a small amount of additional funding from Defra to help us develop a new LEADER Programme, which if successful, should take effect from 2015.

This is an exciting prospect with the potential to create many opportunities for our area. The first stage of the process is to talk to local residents, businesses, organisations and communities to find out what needs and opportunities are present, and identify those that LEADER may be able to help with. The more information we have the better as this will help us gain a clear understanding of our area and the support LEADER could provide.

A new LEADER Programme will be required to include social/community elements, and will also need to be supportive of activity that generates growth and benefits the local economy. There are four broad themes that we are considering at the moment – Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries, the Natural Environment, Communities, and Local Business/Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME). The results of the consultation work, combined with further information from Defra, are likely to be used to inform and define the areas and themes of activity in the new Programme.

Thank you for taking part in the consultation.