Thank you for joining the NYLA-SI Sustainable Library Certification Program!
Please complete this registration form and mail in your signed copy of the Membership Terms, Conditions,  and Agreement to NYLA Headquarters (6021 State Farm Rd. Guilderland, NY 12084). Membership in the Sustainable Library Certification Program is on an annual basis with fees based on a) the number of full-time employees at the location for which you are applying for certification and b) certification status. If you are applying for multiple locations contact NYLA-SI at to calculate the fee based on multiple location discount.
Criteria to join:
1. Own or lease commercial space in NYS (one library space)
2. Minimum of one full-time employee
3. Access to energy consumption/billing data (tenants without direct access can provide prorated energy estimates based on square footage)

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Library Information

* 3. Is the library an organizational member of NYLA?

* 4. How many full-time employees are currently located at the location above?

* 5. Do you own or lease your space?

* 6. Do you have access to your electricity / energy usage data?

* 7. Does your organization have multiple locations to be certified?

PLEASE NOTE: If you are enrolling multiple locations contact NYLA via for annual dues amount.

* 8. Is this application a new certification or a renewal of an existing certification?

Certification Pricing
# FTE New Certification Renewal
1-10 $540 $270
11-50 $918 $459
51-100 $1404 $702
101-500 $1998 $999
501-1000+ $2700 $1350

* 9. Please indicate which pricing category you are registering under for 2017.

Payment Information
Please make payment by check payable to "New York Library Association" and submit with a signed copy of the Membership Terms, Conditions, and Agreement to:

New York Library Association
6021 State Farm Rd.
Guilderland , NY 12084

Payment by credit card can be made at
Please include the library name and "NYLA-SI Certification" in the notes field.
Terms and Conditions Declaration
In addition to payment, you must complete and submit a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions Declaration.