Public Participation Survey

* 1. What portions of transportation planning are you interested in?  If you have participated in meetings in the past, please indicate which meetings in the "other" selection.

* 2. When do you tend to become involved in transportation-related issues?

* 3. Which of the following affects your level of participation?

* 4. At what point in the planning process would you prefer to be engaged?

* 5. How do you find out about public meetings and workshops? Check as many as apply.

* 6. Please select the most effective way for FAMPO to contact you.

* 7. Please select your preferred method of communicating with FAMPO.

* 8. Are you satisfied with FAMPO's efforts to solicit public participation?

* 9. What (if any) citizen advisory committees would you be interested in serving on?  Check as many as apply.

* 10. Please provide your contact information.