This introduction is here for those who are interested/want to read it... otherwise skip straight to the bottom of the page to get on with the survey!
SO, what is ‘Club Sailing Activity’?

For the purpose of this survey we are using the definition, “All organised sailing activity that a club member or visitor participates in at/from Nelson Yacht Club”.

For more information please see the club website:
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here is no doubt that the level of activity aligns pretty well with the club's Mission Statement.

It is something that we should all feel a sense of ownership of and take pride in!

The question is how can we keep the best bits of what we are currently doing and tackle the issues we need to? The key issues, specifically related to on-water activity, that were identified from the general survey are:
  • The conversion rate from Sailing School activities to Saturday afternoon club racing
  • The low numbers participating in Saturday afternoon club racing
  • Volunteer overload/fatigue and lack of parent involvement
  • The support and encouragement of competitive sailors
Essentially it boils down to increasing participation in Saturday afternoon club racing. Either the activity on offer is great and we just need to promote and sell it better, or we need to tailor the activity better to be attractive to a larger audience. Or, we just accept that Saturday afternoon club racing will remain a small part of overall club sailing activity. This survey will hopefully give us a little more insight.