RFQ+P Process

Before starting this application, please prepare a .pdf file of your answers to the long answer questions LI-LIII found in the Local Competition RFQ+P Submission Instructions. You will be asked to attached this file at the end of this form.  

If your proposed project focuses on serving survivors of domestic violence (DV), intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual assault (SA), and stalking, please prepare a .pdf attachment responding to supplement questions DV1-DV4. The questions can be found in the DV Bonus Supplement. You will be asked to upload said attachment at the end of this form. 
This form is meant to capture the broad strokes of your new project proposal for this year's round of funding. Please note this form will not record or save your responses until it is submitted. Upon completion of this form, you may be contacted by the NYC CoC to provide additional details regarding your proposal. If the information provided is insufficient and/or your application misses the cut-off date for proposals, you may be disqualified from this year's new project funding round. 
The NYC CoC reserves the right to request adjustments to this proposal once the notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is released. 
Please contact the NYC CoC Team at nyc.coc@dss.nyc.gov for questions about the form or process.