1. Welcome to the GC3 Silicones Project Survey (July 2020)

The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) is a multi-stakeholder collaborative focused on driving the commercial adoption of green chemistry across all sectors and supply chains. Members include the largest and smallest chemical manufacturers, formulators, brands, and retailers. GC3 runs several projects and programs to advance green chemistry through the supply chain. One effort is the GC3 Silicones Collaborative Innovation Project designed to engage the supply chain in clarifying and defining the needs and priorities of more sustainable replacements to current silicone chemistry.

The GC3 Silicones Project is a collaborative innovation project designed to develop a specifications document to inform the development of new ingredients by new and existing solution providers.

  1. To understand company silicone replacement priorities
  2. To align silicone chemistry with application and function so we may define a de minimis data set for a specification document
This survey focuses on personal care products including cosmetics, skin care, and hair care. Other products and sectors will be included in future iterations. 

Target Audience: 
The survey is intended to be completed by companies formulating final products in the targeted sector.

Confidentiality and Data Blinding: 
No confidential information is requested in the survey.

Company name and contact information is requested to ensure data integrity, and to share results with participants once the survey concludes. This information will not be shared for any other purpose.

GC3 will compile this information without attribution for discussion in the next GC3 Silicones Project meeting. Number of contributing companies will be provided.

There are two main sections to this survey. We encourage you to review the survey to understand the data requested before taking the time to complete it (your responses are not recorded until you officially submit the survey).

The survey requires an understanding of how silicones are used in your products (or the ability to acquire that information from the relevant person within your company). The two sections are:  
  • Silicone replacement prioritization
  • Aligning chemistry, application, and function (you will have five opportunities to submit information)

Please contact Julie Manley if you have any questions: julie@greenchemistryandcommerce.org

Thank you for providing this information!