We are conducting a compensated research study for a prominent publishing company.

We would like to ask you a few questions to learn if you might be interested in participating. We are not looking to sell you anything and are only interested in your opinions. The information you provide is only used for research and will be kept completely confidential. The phone interview will take 60 minutes during the week of May 11.

Those who qualify, who are selected and who complete the online interview will receive an honorarium of US $250 at the end of the session for their participation.

During the research you will be shown some concepts to respond to, and asked questions about the type of work you do, tools and products you currently use, and challenges you encounter. Again, no one will attempt to sell you anything -- we are only interested in your feedback and learning about your experiences and needs.

We would first like to see if this online interview is a match. Please complete a short pre-screening survey to be considered for this project.