Dear Bristol Chamber of Commerce Members: 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this year's legislative priorities survey. This is a key part of our 2018 legislative planning and a direct way for you to influence the items we will focus our attention on in the coming year. 

Please take 5-10 minutes to thoughtfully complete this survey so we may assess the needs of our business community and address them during the upcoming legislative session. 

Please Note: All responses will remain anonymous and should be a reflection of your positions on the issues that affect your Chamber-member business most.  

Each page also has a comment box where you can add any issues that we may miss. If you have other questions or comments, please email us directly at or 

Advocating on your behalf in Nashville and Richmond is one of the most important benefits of your Chamber investment. Thank you for your support of the Bristol TN/VA Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to working for you in 2018. 

Beth D. Rhinehart
President and CEO 

Chelsea G. Ketron
Director of Government Relations & Tourism Marketing

* 1. In the last municipal elections, only 23% of registered voters in Bristol, VA and 4% of registered voters in Bristol, TN city districts cast a ballot.
Should the Bristol Chamber of Commerce focus more attention on voter turnout?
*(data from 2016 Bristol, VA and 2015 Bristol, TN municipal elections)

0 0 - Should not be a focus of attention; 10 - Should be a top priority
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 2. Regulation & Taxation: At which level of government do burdensome regulations impact your business the most?

* 3. Education & Workforce Development: Please rank the following statements that you believe are most crucial to enhancing Bristol's workforce. Rank 1-5 (5 HIGHEST - 1 LOWEST)

* 4. Please rank the following as the most important issue or challenge for your business. Rank 1-6 (6 HIGHEST - 1 LOWEST)

* 5. Environment and Energy Regulation: Do you believe all state rules and regulations in the environmental and occupational health and safety compliance area should or should not exceed minimum existing federal requirements?

* 6. Overall, the taxes my business pays are: 

* 7. The Bristol Chamber of Commerce works to provide a number of educational, training and policy seminars and events for member businesses and the public. Please provide brief comments and suggestions for topics and content for future events.

* 8. How many full time employees does your organization employ in the Bristol TN/VA region? 

* 9. What is the ZIP code for your primary (or largest) operation? 

* 10. Are you a registered voter?