* 1. Coach's ability to teach skills to players?

* 2. Variety of drills, ie. stickwork, passing, shooting, game play?

* 3. How was your overall experience at Rogue?

* 4. Do you feel your child left a better, more knowledgeable player?

* 5. Did the Rogue coaches treat all players with respect and provide encouragement?

* 6. Would you come to another/recommend a future Rogue Camp/Clinic?

* 7. How do you feel the level of coaching at Rogue compares to other programs you have been to?

* 8. What were you hoping to get out of the Rogue program? Was this for recreational purposes or to build skill?

* 9. What did you like best and what did you like least about the Rogue Program?

* 10. To ensure that we continue to provide the best product possible in a few sentences or more please provide feedback regarding your child’s Rogue experience. With your “Permission” please let us know if we can post your comments to our "Testimonial" page on our website. Please leave your "Name" at the end, if you are willing to have you comment posted on our testimonial page. If you would like to stay anonymous please just post "YES" at the end of statement.

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