Need a space to make a living, make something beautiful, or make a difference?

Have you had difficulty finding an appropriate, available and affordable space to host professional, educational or personal events in Fort Mill? Do you want to teach classes, host meetups, or gather like-minded locals but you haven't been able to figure out where?

As we (LOOM Coworking, Gallery and Event Space) approach our one year anniversary, we are assessing how well we are serving the event space needs of the greater Fort Mill community. We have so enjoyed hosting such a wide array of classes, parties, meetings, and arts events and want to make sure we are evolving with the changing needs of local independent professionals and community members.

If you will, we would appreciate you taking a brief moment to help us gather some information to help us help Fort Mill! 
Do it anonymously or leave us your email if you would be willing and interested in providing us with more info or participating in further discussions.

If you wear multiple hats or work with multiple organizations, feel free to fill out the survey twice.
Thank you!
Jen Belk and the community at LOOM Coworking, Gallery and Event Space
120 Academy St
Historic Downtown Fort Mill

* 1. What type of event, meeting, activity or class do you currently hold or need to hold to support your professional, personal or community interests?

* 2. How many participants would you likely have for your event/activity?

* 3. What is the typical demographic of those participating in your event/activity? (or those you would WANT to participate!)

* 4. Typically, when would your events likely be held? (check all that apply)

* 5. Typically, what basic furnishings would be needed/optimum for your type of event/activity?

* 6. If all the building basics were provided (furnishings, wifi, lighting, HVAC, parking, bathrooms, etc.), what other amenities would be REQUIRED to accommodate your particular use of the space? (feel free to elaborate)

* 7. How important are the following factors in your initial selection of a space and the success of your activity?

  Unimportant Somewhat important Average importance Very important Extremely important (deal breaker!) N/A
Ability to serve food and beverage
Acoustical privacy
Acoustics (not hearing others)
Availability of video equipment
Connection to the outdoors
Discounts for non-profits and repeat users
Ease of booking/arranging use
Flexibility of floor plan and use
Freedom to choose own vendors
Freedom with decoration for events
Good natural Light
Impressiveness/professionalism of environment
Interior lighting (quantity and control)
Plentiful parking
Security/exterior lighting
Suitability/durability of surfaces (I have to be able to spill!)
Surfaces appropriate for activity (ex: dance floor)
Visible privacy

* 8. How frequently would you have need for a space?

* 9. How has not having an appropriate space effected your ability to earn a living, meet your goals or make a difference in your community? What specific issues have you had finding a venue? If you are currently holding events in a local facility, what could be done to better serve your needs? (Any information that would help us to help feed your passions and your business!)

* 10. If you would be willing to provide additional feedback to assist us in providing the best venue services to the Fort Mill community, we would appreciate you leaving your information here: