SDC 2014 SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest Application and Agreement

This online form should be completed once per company by the company's primary contact for their SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest participation.

Participation in the SNIA SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest is complimentary for SMB2/SMB3 implementers (one participant per company).

Each company (first 30) is entitled to one complimentary full conference pass for their SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest participant at SDC provided that they actively participate, working with the other SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest participants. Additional SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest participants may participate in the SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest and attend the full SDC Conference at a cost of $495 per attendee.

The SNIA will provide and support the networks and infrastructure for the SNIA SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest, creating a collaborative framework for testing. A platform test bench consists of a six foot table work area, a standard 110 volt 15-amp power drop and network connection. Each participating company will be provided with one test bench for each platform they plan to test. For special power requirements please contact for additional costs.

Plugfest testing starts on Sunday Sept. 14th at 8:30am, with time available for setup on Saturday Sept. 13th starting at 1:00pm. The Plugfest will conclude and teardown will begin starting at 1:00pm on Thursday Sept. 18th, with everything removed from the room by 5:00pm.

* 1. Please enter your contact information

* 2. Please provide the number of platforms/operating systems you plan to test in the SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest?

* 3. Please provide the number of Engineers from your company that will be actively participating in the SMB2/SMB3 Plugfest?

* 4. Any Additional Comments

* 5. I understand that I am required to submit a signed copy of the SNIA 2014 Plugfests Confidentiality Agreement to participate in the Plugfest.