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1. Do you feel valued by society?

  No, not at all No, not much Yes, somewhat Yes, very much
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2. If you were to die tomorrow, would you be satisfied with what your life has meant?

  No Not much Yes Yes, very much
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3. Have you ever picked up other people's rubbish in a public place?

  Never Rarely Occasionally Frequently
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4. Some say that by helping others you help yourself in the long run. Do you agree?

  No No, not much Yes Yes, very much
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5. Do you help out at a local group as a volunteer?

  No, never Infrequently Sometimes Frequently
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6. Do you feel safe walking down your street after dark?

  No, not at all No Yes Yes, most certainly
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7. Do you agree that most people can be trusted?

  No, not much No Yes Yes, very much
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8. If someone's car breaks down outside your house, would you invite them into use your phone if they needed it?

  No Yes but with reservations Yes Yes certainly
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9. Can you get help from your friends when you need it?

  No Maybe Yes Definitely
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10. Does your area have a reputation for being a safe place?

  No Maybe Yes Definately
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