What does the future hold for taxonomy professionals?

Thank you for taking this brief survey, which will feed into a report by Patrick Lambe at Taxonomy Bootcamp 2009 (www.taxonomybootcamp.com) on future trends in taxonomy work, and the needs of taxonomy professionals. It will also be reported on Patrick Lambe's taxonomy blog at www.organisingknowledge.com

You will be asked at the end of this survey whether you want to leave your email address. If you do, we will contact you with the report of our findings which will be made available for free. You will also qualify for a $200 discount at Taxonomy Bootcamp 2009.

We have asked several open ended questions to try to get a sense of the diverse experience that goes into taxonomy work, so it is hard to predict exactly how long this survey will take. None of the questions are compulsory, but we hope you will complete at least the first two pages.

Page 2 looks at the multidisciplinary nature of taxonomy work
Page 3 covers your advice for aspiring taxonomy professionals
Page 4 asks for your experience of the challenges and opportunities in taxonomy work
Page 5 looks at the trends ahead for taxonomy work.

* 1. What type of organisation are you working in?

* 2. What is your job title and role?

* 3. Is taxonomy work a primary or secondary work function for you?

* 4. Thinking metaphorically, which of the following terms most closely describes your involvement in taxonomy work?

* 5. What formal qualifications or training if any have best equipped you for taxonomy work?

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