* 1. I feel welcome and connected to Westover School.

* 2. I can regularly communicate with all staff about my child's needs.

* 3. Westover School provides opportunities for family and school to work together.

* 4. I feel comfortable contacting teachers and principals to discuss my child's needs.

* 5. I have the opportunity to express my compliments and concerns at Westover's monthly parent involvement / PTO meetings.

* 6. Westover provides opportunities for my child to support/interact with the community and its needs.

* 7. I am provided opportunities to be an active part of my child's education (volunteering, access to online resources, parent teacher conferences, etc).

* 8. My child is given enough opportunity for physical activity through the combined effort of Westover School and community athletic programs.

* 9. Would you participate in a cookbook fundraiser for Westover PTO?

* 10. Please share any compliments or concerns.

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