Eskom 2023 IR feedback

Feedback on Eskom's 2023 integrated report

Eskom subscribes to the principles of the Integrated Reporting Framework (as revised in January 2021). We seek to provide a balanced and transparent assessment of how we create value, considering matters that are material to our operations and strategic objectives. We aim to provide decision-useful information.

To ensure that our report continues to provide relevant information, we welcome your feedback on ways in which we could improve our report.

We appreciate your input and will consider it during the preparation of our 2024 integrated report.

On behalf of

Calib Cassim
Acting Group Chief Executive
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3.In addition to the integrated report, which other reports do you intend to access? (please tick)(Required.)
4.How would you rate the integrated report in terms of explaining how Eskom creates value over time?(Required.)
5.Did the integrated report help you to better understand Eskom’s strategic direction?(Required.)
6.How would you rate the integrated report in terms of providing a balanced and transparent account of Eskom’s performance, challenges and outlook?(Required.)
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9.Are there any material matters that you believe were not adequately covered in the integrated report? If yes, please specify(Required.)
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