* 1. Did you see the storm water brochures included with your sewer bill?

* 2. Were you aware of these issues before receiving the brochures?

* 3. Do you feel that the brochures helped you understand storm water and its effects on water quality?

* 4. Did you check to see if your roof drains were connected to the sewer system?

* 5. If they were connected - did you correct the problem?

* 6. Did you notice the "Drains to Creek" markers installed on the storm drain catch basins

* 7. Were you aware that Waynesburg Borough has a combined sewer system?

* 8. Did you know that the Waynesburg Borough sewer system contained combined sewer overflows with outfalls along Ten Mile creek?

* 9. Did the brochures inspire you to manage your storm water by installing a rain barrel or planting a rain garden?

* 10. Do you want more information?

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