The purpose of this survey is to collect information on material sent home by teachers for at-home practice.  This information will be used in a presentation titled "Effective Communication of Practice Expectations: Send them Home with the Tools for Success" at the 2017 National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy.  Your participation is greatly appreciated!

* 1. All of my students have a notebook (3-ring binder to collect assignments) or notepad (for manually writing instructions) for their assignments.

* 2. How do you convey practice expectations for students' at-home practice?

* 3. Do you include other forms of communication of practice expectations?

* 4. If you send home other forms of communication, what would that include?

* 5. Please describe what the video tips would typically look like.

* 6. Please describe what information would be included in the audio tips.

* 7. If you answered "Other", what does that include?

* 8. How specific is the practice information that you send home?

* 9. How closely does your students' practice match the practice instructions given in the lesson?

* 10. Would you consider your practice expectations more goal specific, time specific, or a combination of both?

* 11. Do you have any type of general guidelines for practice that you distribute to your students?

* 12. If so, describe the types of practice steps that you include in your general guidelines.