* 1. I am interested in starting a college degree program.

* 2. I am interested in finishing my college degree.

* 3. I am interested in starting/finishing my degree in:

* 4. If you chose Other above, what area are you interested in obtaining a degree in?

* 5. I am interested in taking classes that help me in my current job (customer service, professional development, career specific)

* 6. If you answered Yes to Question 5, What type of class or topic would you like to take a class in?
Example: Customer Service, Accounting, Career Specific (please give example), Etc

* 7. I am interested in taking classes that are taught:
(Please click all that apply)

* 8. I would like to see community education classes offered in:
(Example: Landscaping, Food Preservation, Home Brewing, Natural Resources, Computer Skills, Etc.)

* 9. Are you interested in classes on small/home based businesses? If so, what types of businesses are you needed information on? (food processing, marketing, retail, sales, etc)

* 10. Please choose your age group.