Employment Solutions Society

* 1. Which county do you live in?

* 2. What was the purpose of your first call, email or visit to our centre?

* 3. Did you attend any of our workshops listed below?

* 4. Did you speak to a Career Practitioner about your specific situation while you were in our centre, by phone or through email?

* 5. Did you develop a plan and work with a Career Practitioner one to one to assist you with:

* 6. If you have worked one to one with a Career Practitioner, how would you rate your overall experience?

* 7. Did you meet with a Career Practitioner on a regular basis?

* 8. Did you communicate mostly with your Career Practitioner through email, phone or in person appointments?

* 9. Would you recommend our centre and services to a family member or friend?

* 10. Can we contact you to discuss your experience? If yes, please give us your name, email address and or telephone number.