* 1. Which Kick-Off would you like to attend?

* 2. Name

* 3. Position(s) in Scouting:

* 4. Email Address:

* 5. Unit Type:

* 6. Unit Number

* 7. Our Unit has a 1st time (never done it before) Popcorn Kernel

* 8. Number Attending from Unit:

* 9. Names of other unit attendees:

PLEASE NOTE: A leader from each unit selling popcorn is required to attend to be eligible for the 2% on-time bonus commission, additionally a tasting kit will be provided for each unit that attends the kickoff. We encourage as many leaders as possible to attend!

Participants must stay for the entire presentation to receive credit for attendance, please allow two hours (6:30PM - 8:30PM) in your schedule. Attendance will be taken at the end of the end of the evening.

Thank you for your cooperation.