1. KM4Dev 2010 Cali, Colombia Pre-Meeting Survey


By completing this survey you can help the organizing committee of the "2010 KM4Dev meeting in Cali, Colombia" (May 27-28) define the focus on the workshop design as well as indicate your interest/probability in attending the event.

The 2010 KM4Dev meeting will take place in connection with a Latin America and Caribbean Knowledge Fair that is being organized by FAO, CGIAR and other partner organizations.

Please read the Meeting concept note at: http://wiki.km4dev.org/wiki/index.php/KM4DevCali_Concept#Meeting_Concept

We need your input by March, 22 and hope you will encourage friends, colleagues and networks who might be interested to complete the survey and participate in our meeting.

Thank you very much in advance, the organizing committee

* 1. Information about you

* 2. Are you a member of KM4Dev?

* 3. If you are a member of KM4Dev, how would you describe your participation?

* 4. Your connection with development in Latin America and Caribbean

* 5. Please rate the suggested workshop objectives

  Excellent So and so Poor
Overall objective: Contribute to the development of a strong knowledge management for development mouvement in Latin America and Caribbean.
1. Identify, initiate, and foster collaborative relations and professional friendship among people who work with knowledge management for development in Latin America.
2. Offer a space for collective learning and knowledge sharing among the participants (learning labs)
3.Contribute to the creation/strengthening of a core group of this movement in LAC.

* 6. The cost of participation includes: your travel costs, plus approximately USD 100 per day. Do you think:

* 7. Could your organization fund developing country partners in your sector to attend such an event?
If yes, please list your organization

* 8. Do you think you will be able to attend the meeting?

* 9. If you think about participating, what's in it for you? What do you expect to learn through your participation? What do you expect to share?

* 10. If you think about participating, would you be interested in contributing to the following activities

* 11. If you think about participating would you also attend the Knowledge Share Fair organized at the same venue between May 25 and 27?

* 12. If you are NOT likely/able to come to Cali, would you be interested in participating in:

* 13. Please share any other additional suggestions, concerns, or questions related to this event.