2017 Survey of Ideas

Your IQHA Board is asking for input on how we can better serve our members and our mission. Our mission statement is as follows: To promote interest in the American Quarter Horse and to represent membership. To achieve the mission, the association seeks to: educate, encourage humane care, promote the breed, adhere to the rules of AQHA and promote youth and adult activities and events.
The idea behind this survey is to collect ideas to promote our mission from our membership. Once the ideas have been collected, the board plans to compile a list of possible ideas. Then we will email the list back to the membership with the request that they be prioritized. We look forward to seeing what you have to say. By communicating your ideas, we can continue to serve our membership and create activities and opportunities that you enjoy.

* 1. Please provide ideas and suggestions you have for IQHA in the text box below