* 1. Please identify the age groups that are currently in your family and who use the Ottawa Pool (Select all that apply):

* 2. How often does your family use the Ottawa Pool?

* 3. Which of the following programs would you be interested in? (Mark all that apply)

* 4. Please rate the following:

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
The cleanliness of the pool's interior and overall water quality.
The cleanliness of the pool's bathrooms.
The performance of the lifeguards in regard to safety.
The overall service provided by the pool managers (those in the navy blue swimsuits).
The overall service provided by the lifeguards (those in the red swimsuits).
The overall service provided by the concessionaires.
The overall professionalism of the Ottawa Pool staff.
The overall amenities of the Ottawa Pool.
The overall experience you and/or your child had at the Ottawa Pool.
The pool hours of operation.

* 5. Did you enjoy the "Friday Fun Day" themes? (Pirate Day, Disney Day, Olympics Day, Silly Hat Day, etc.)

* 6. I signed up for text message alerts through TextCaster.

* 7. I follow the Ottawa Recreation Commission on Facebook and receive updates in regard to the pool and other program offerings.

* 8. SWIMMING LESSONS: Please rate the following aspects of your child's swim lessons at the Ottawa Pool.

  Strongly Agree Agree Average Disagree Strongly Disagree
I saw noticeable improvement in my child's comfort/swimming ability.
My child is more comfortable around the water and familiar with water safety rules.
My child had a positive experience in swim lessons.
The lessons were well organized.
The instructor(s) was enthusiastic.
The instructor communicated effectively with my child.
The instructor communicated effectively with me.
The registration and enrollment process was smooth and intuitive.
The timing and availability of swim lessons was convenient.

* 9. The Ottawa Recreation Commission values feedback!  Please offer any comments or suggestions you may have in regard to the Ottawa Pool.