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Thank you for your interest in the NWT Basic Income Guarantee Forum. To help shape the content of the presentations and discussions, and to make the best use of our time together at the Forum, we ask that you take five to ten minutes to answer some questions. There will be an opportunity to indicate which topics would be of most interest to you for breakout group discussions. If you are unable to attend the Forum, you can still have your say by sharing your thoughts and ideas here.

BIG in NWT Forum Infographic

Guaranteed income programs like Old Age Security and the Canada Child Benefit help, but they don’t work perfectly and they don’t include everyone. Even though many people have jobs, one in five adults in the NWT are struggling to make ends meet. We know this needs to change, but how?
When income support is unavailable, or the amount is too low, or just too hard to access, people can get trapped in a cycle of poverty. Basic Income can be different. It’s unconditional, so there are fewer barriers. It can be set at a level that really changes people’s lives, whether they are employed, starting a new business, home supporting a sick parent, or facing tough challenges.

Life in the NWT varies among households and larger, smaller, and remote communities. The Forum will be an opportunity to discuss what a Basic Income Guarantee could look like for the diversity of people throughout the territory. We appreciate your time and look forward to expanding on this information together at the Forum.