The NWT Arts Council was established August 1985, as an advisory board to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Since that period of time the NWT Arts Council has met every year to review and distribute funds set aside by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment.

The NWT Arts Council is about to engage in a strategic planning initiative to review its original mandate, structure and services to adapt to the changes in the artistic and cultural environment of the Northwest Territories.

Your input is valuable to this process and we encourage all artists, arts organizations and supporters of arts and culture in the NWT to participate through this survey in letting us know what changes you would like to see to the NWT Arts Council to become the best it can be for the foreseeable future.

We will welcome survey responses until Monday, September 30, 2013.

The survey is also available as an MS Word document. If you require an alternative format, or if you have other questions about the NWT Arts Council, contact us at: nwtartscouncil@gmail.com

Thank you for your participation!