The Nonfiction Authors Association features two opportunities for speakers to fulfill our mission. Do you have a topic for us?
  • Writing nonfiction books
  • Publishing nonfiction books
  • Promoting nonfiction books
  • The business side of publishing
  • Revenue streams
  • Tech tips and tricks
  • Out-of-the box ideas we haven't heard of yet
Your topic ideas should be 100% educational. This is not a place to promote your book launch unless it specifically educates or inspires nonfiction authors and helps them in their author journey.

We have two opportunities for speakers.

1. A weekly podcast with subject matter experts. Please take a look at it here
2. The Nonfiction Writers Conference, conducted entirely online. (We often draw from our podcast speakers for this opportunity, so please let us get to know you on the podcast first.)

Quick soft pitches for books, products, services, at the end are okay, but again, your topic ideas should be 100% educational.

Sometimes we already have a specific topic in the line-up and can’t cover it twice in a short time frame, so don’t be surprised if we hang on to your information and get in touch several months later! (We do this pretty often.)

These interviews and presentations are done in both audio and video. Do you have a good microphone and lighting? Know how to use Zoom? Got a professional headshot and bio? Awesome.

Let's proceed.

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