Welcome to NWPB's survey for Niagara's workforce

The Niagara Workforce Planning Board (NWPB) is conducting this survey to help our community partners in municipal government, postsecondary education, and employment services understand the workforce's perspective on employment, job search strategies, job satisfaction, and workplace resources in Niagara. This survey should take approximately ten minutes to complete. This year we are partnering with Niagara Region Public Health and are including a survey module to understand the availability of mental health resources in the workplace. There is also a set of questions on educational interests at the end of the survey from Niagara College. These four questions and demographic data (e.g., age, gender) will be shared with the College. 
All of the data collected in this survey will be treated as strictly confidential. Infographics and any reports emerging from this research will use only aggregated and non-identifiable data. The raw data will be stored on a secured server. It will only be shared to research partners at Niagara Region, who, in turn, will ensure their reporting maintains the privacy of survey respondents.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this survey please contact:

Vivian Kinnaird, CEO, Niagara Workforce Planning Board