PIVOT helps students develop the practical, hands-on skills that are essential to succeed in cybersecurity jobs and careers. Challenges build on the knowledge gained in classes and are offered in multiple domains and difficulty levels. And they’re all free. 

* 1. Address

* 2. What type of organization is your group associated with (High School, College)? What is the size of your group? What is your role (Student Group Leader, Faculty)?

* 3. How often does your group meet?

* 4. Which PIVOT lab(s) did your group work on? Such as CommandLineKungFu, Python Port Scanning, Wireshark, or NMAP Lab.

* 5. What did your group like most about the PIVOT lab(s) you worked on?

* 6. What did your group like least about the PIVOT lab(s) you worked on?

* 7. What, if any, technical difficulties did your group experience with the lab(s)?

* 8. Which additional areas and topics would your group like to see covered in PIVOT labs and challenges?

* 9. What other recommendations do you have for improving the PIVOT Project?

* 10. How do you feel about the length of the lab?