1. Understanding how and why students use MySpace

* 1. How did you feel the first time you logged onto MySpace?

* 2. How did you find out about MySpace? What made you want to be a subscribing member?

* 3. How do hyperlinks factor into the overall appeal of MySpace?

* 4. If MySpace is like a virtual club for teens, should parents chaperone or watch their children's MySpace activity the same way they monitor the teen clubs their children visit on the weekends?

* 5. Describe a typical "online day in the life" of a MySpace user - either you, or a friend.

* 6. What was the most foolish thing you ever did or said on MySpace?

* 7. Explain the idea of buddys - buddy lists, etc. How do you form buddys and what is the purpose of buddys in the MySpace world?

* 8. Should there be an age requirement for MySpace users?

* 9. If you could give FIVE BITS of advice to a first-time MySpace user, what would you advise?

* 10. Describe several advantages of being a MySpace user?