Northwest Horse Source design competition

The Northwest Horse Source & the Whatcom Conservation District invites all Whatcom County land managers to enter our competition for a $3000 reimbursement grant for improvements on your farm. Tell us how you would use these funds to make improvements at your homestead or farm site to improve animal health, increase chore and site efficiency, and improve water quality. Show how your time, equipment, or cash contribution will make up at least 25% of the total project cost. 

* 1. Please enter your contact information here: 

* 2. Check the box if the statement is true to confirm eligibility for design competition funds.

* 3. Please describe the project for which you are seeking funding and provide a brief budget for how you would use the $3000. The $3000 grant funds should be no more than 75% of the total project cost. See Northwest Horse Source design competition web page for more information on common project costs and the value of landowner time ($22/hour) and landowner equipment ($17/hour for small tractors). 

* 4. Reducing Mud; please fill out the checklist below.

  Completed/Ongoing Planning to do this I do not plan to do this Not applicable on my site
Install gutters and downspouts to direct roof runoff away from confinement areas.
Create a winter heavy use area to keep animals off wet pastures. 
Add protective footing in paddocks such as gravel or hogfuel.
Fence off any creeks, wetlands, and water bodies. 
Use french drains, grassy swales, dry wells, water diversion bars, or culverts as needed to reroute water from roofs, driveways, parking areas, and hillsides away from confinement areas.
Create a mud free exercise area, such as a track paddock, trail course, dry-lot turn outs, outdoor arena, or round pen. 
Install a rain garden.
Create vegetated filter strips on the down slope side of confinement areas, compost bins, or heavy use areas. 

* 5. Managing Manure

  Completed/Ongoing I plan to do this I do not plan to do this Not applicable on my site
Cover manure pile with a tarp or roof.
Pick up manure in stalls and confinement areas daily or at least every three days.
Build a manure composting bin(s)/storage area.
Implement a manure disposal plan (advertise for pickup, take somewhere for disposal, or have it picked up).
Reduce bedding use by installing rubber stall mats, change to pelleted bedding or reduce amount used.
Use slow feeder to reduce the amount of manure produced.

* 6. Improving Pastures

  Completed/Ongoing I plan to do this I do not plan to do this Not applicable on my site
Keep horses off pastures during the winter months.
Remove horses from pastures when grass has been grazed down to three inches. Allow grass to re-grow to six to eight inches before grazing again. 
Lime pastures.
Spread manure or compost on pastures during the growing season (April - October) no more than 1/2" layer at a time and 3-4" per year.
Harrow and mow pastures.
Take a soil test.
Check pastures for weeds and either hand pull, use a weed burner or apply the recommended herbicide in amounts at the recommended time of the year and plant's life cycle. 

* 7. Protecting wells & Septic Systems

  Completed/Ongoing I plan to do this I do not plan to do this Not applicable on my site
Keep horses off septic system & drain field.
Pump and inspect septic system regularly.
Keep horses, livestock and manure storage areas at least 100 feet from a wellhead.
Get a well test.

* 8. Enhancing Wildlife Habitat

* 9. Optional additions to your application can include photos, hand drawn or digital site maps, or other supporting documents. Please list these below and submit to Please inquire for additional support with your application or submit at least two weeks before final deadline if you would like a pre-review of your application. 360-526-2381 x 105.