1. Survey

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom Survey

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom is asking for your assistance in evaluating our programs and resources. We depend on your feedback to help us improve the integrity and quality of all we produce and of the training experiences we provide. Our goal is to make sure Oklahoma’s educators and students receive factually accurate, research-driven and common-sense classroom tools.

Please take a moment to reply to the following set of questions and note any additional suggestions, comments or concerns you wish to share with us. Your insights are invaluable to our staff, and we thank you for your comments and support. The survey will take about five minutes to complete.

To show our appreciation for your feedback, we would like to register you to receive a prize. Submit your address after the survey to register.

If you have questions about any of the resources listed in the survey, please contact Pat Thompson, pat.thompson@okstate.edu