BerryDunn is pleased to work with TTU to develop an IT Strategic Plan for the University. The questions below are intended to help the BerryDunn team gain some initial perspective on how technology can help the University meet its strategic objectives set forth in the TTU Flight Plan and support the vision to be a nationally recognized leading technological university in the South.

The survey will remain available online until Friday, April 25, but we would appreciate your response prior to our campus visit April 15-17.

Why an IT Strategic Plan Now? By Reid Christenberry, CIO, IT Strategic Plan Executive Sponsor

Two years ago, an IT Assessment study was conducted by the University and several recommendations were made, including the hiring of a new Chief Information Officer. Also, the University’s Flight Plan was under development at that time, and this has resulted in several improvements in service in the IT arena. Significant investments have been made in stabilizing network services and extending Wi-Fi access in both the residence halls and most of the academic buildings.

Currently, plans are underway to deploy a high-end digital media lab for students in the basement of the library, a service desk where students, faculty and staff can call for support and a “tech spot” where students will be able to bring personally owned devices and get assistance with these. A new mobile app has been deployed that will include registration capability this fall. Future plans include expanding the “tech spot” to include retail sales of personal devices and computers.

In Academic Affairs, a new Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence has been set up to provide assistance to faculty who want to use technology more effectively. It is now time to develop a multi-year plan that states the future direction of IT for the University that will best support student, faculty and staff success at TTU.

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* 2. Please identify your primary role at TTU (student, faculty, staff, or write in an alternative):

* 3. Title (if applicable):

* 4. Think about your typical “day in the life” at Tennessee Tech. As you look ahead to the next few years, how can technology enhance your ability to succeed, innovate, and grow at Tennessee Tech?

As you consider this question also consider the University’s Strategic Planning effort – Flight Plan

Also, as you answer the question, please keep in mind Flight Plan’s four focus areas:

Improve the Undergraduate Student Experience

Use Technology to Transform Our University

Create Distinctive Programs and Invigorate Faculty

Expand Financial Resources and Modernize Infrastructure

* 5. Would you be interested in participating in a one-hour focus group with the BerryDunn consultants? If yes, please include your email and preferred date in the box below.

We will try to accommodate all requests, but space is limited. Please note the following times have been reserved, more details will be forthcoming:

i. Tuesday, April 15 at 11 am – Student Focus Group

ii. Wednesday, April 16 at 4 pm – Student Focus Group

iii. Thursday, April 17 at 11 am – Faculty Focus Group

* 6. Other comments? We encourage you to share what you consider good technology practices or initiatives that are already occurring at the University, or that you have been exposed to at other institutions, businesses, or through professional associations.

* 7. Please feel free to include any other suggestions for TTU and/or BerryDunn as we develop a Strategic Plan for IT at Tennessee Tech.

Thank you.

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