Marshfield Clinic Health System - Center for Community Outreach and Wisconsin Department of Health Services invite substance abuse prevention coalitions, committees and workgroups in northwest Wisconsin to join Northwoods Coalition (NWC). Refer to the map below to determine if your coalition, committee or workgroup is in the NWC service area. NWC/Alliance for Wisconsin Youth (AWY) is open to coalitions, committees and workgroups from all Tribal Nations in Wisconsin.

NWC is the largest and oldest coalition dedicated to substance abuse prevention in Wisconsin. Representatives from over 50 coalitions in a 35-county region, including the 11 Wisconsin Tribal Nations, serve on a non-governing advisory board to help shape polices, practices and programs to address public health issues arising from use of alcohol and other drugs. Marshfield Clinic Health System staff provide support including education, training, technical assistance and other resources to members of NWC.

AWY is a program of Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Care and Treatment Services, in the Bureau of Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. The purpose of AWY is to enhance and support the capacity of coalitions, committees and workgroups in substance abuse prevention and youth development. Over 100 Wisconsin coalitions, committees and workgroups are members of AWY. To read more about AWY visit their website by clicking here.
To apply, please click next to begin the online portion of the application process.

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