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Return to School Parent Survey

In an effort to provide input to our District Leadership and Back to School Planning Committees, please complete this short survey.  This information will be used to finalize our plans to return to school this fall.

Please note that if you have more than one child, the survey would need to be completed for each child.  I apologize for the duplication, but we need information per child.

Thank you for the input and we hope to see your child this fall in our schools!
Becky Cselovszki, Superintendent

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* 1. Please provide the name of your child.

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* 2. Please indicate the grade your child will be entering this fall.

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* 3. Currently MDE has classified our district as safe to reopen with an “in person” delivery method of instruction, i.e. a traditional school day with some modifications to spacing and safety protocols.  
Will your child return to RASD with this option?

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* 4. We will not be able to guarantee social distancing guidelines on our school buses.  Considering this...
What is your plan for transporting your child to school this fall?

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* 5. Please provide feedback on the impact your internet service had on distance learning.

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