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Harmonized Messaging to Reduce Contamination

Hello and thank you for taking this opportunity to give input on this regional education campaign.

This collaborative project between NCTCOG, Burns & McDonnell and The Recycling Partnership was designed to better understand top issues in residential recycling and create an adaptable campaign to raise resident awareness of how to recycle correctly.

The purpose of this survey is to understand each communities preferences and limitations, in order to create materials that are well suited for you and highly adoptable.  Learn more about the NCTCOG Regional Recycling Survey and Campaign here. 

Where are we in this project?
So far:
  • Recycling, waste and MRF data
 has been collected and summarized
  • Data tool has been created
  • Focus Group
 and community input has been collected and summarized
Currently, we are:

  • Developing the education and outreach materials 
  • Creating the online toolkit for community messaging
  • Finalizing the communications plan
  • Planning the May Workshop and Launch

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* 1. Contact

What do we know about contamination in the North Central Texas region? 
As is true across the country, top issues plaguing recycling in this region are:
  2. "WISHCYCLED" ITEMS (things presumably 'recycled' for reuse or resource conservation but that tangle in equipment and shut down sorting operations, such as; clothing, hoses and cords and hazardous items that need special handling (electronics, batteries and other flammables)
  3. FOOD and DRINK (careless, messy recycling that damages other good recyclables and adds unnecessary tonnage)

In addition to non-recyclable items going in the recycling,  valuable recyclables are ending up in landfills throughout the region. In particular, cans and plastic bottles are under recovered.

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* 2. We created messaging to address these top issues, but reaching all residents will depend on you. Which of these topics are most important to communicate to your residents? (1 indicates highest priority and 5 lowest)

How can we work together to reduce contamination in The North Central Texas region? 
This campaign has three key elements:
  1. Online quiz
  2. Phase 1 (NCTCOG-funded advertising - social/digital focus, some publication ads)
  3. Amplification plan- collective effort to expand reach, promotion of quiz, distribute same messaging (paid, earned and community/grassroots)

Question Title

* 4. This project will include unique messaging, a communications plan, grab and go graphics, and the building blocks to adapt additional components.  

Materials will be available to you on a designated webpage that will give you access to campaign art files, social media files, videos, a quiz, and BMPs. 

Other than those items, what else might your team like to see included?

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* 5. Is there anyone else on your team who should be included in these discussions? Please share their contact information and role with us if you would like us to reach out to them.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Schussler   |   SR DIR of PROGRAM DESIGN
OFFICE: ASHEVILLE, NC        MOBILE: 828.243.7064
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