Governor Mark Dayton wants Minnesota to accelerate the pace of progress towards clean water.  That is why he recently announced a new “25BY25” Water Quality Goal, which would spur collaboration and action to improve Minnesota’s water quality 25 percent by 2025. Without additional action, the quality of Minnesota’s waters is expected to improve only 6 to 8 percent by 2034. Governor Dayton wants to hear from Minnesotans so we have put together a brief survey to find out what Carlton County residents think about water quality.

* 1. Governor Dayton is asking Minnesotans to set a 25% water quality improvement goal that makes sense for their region.  What goals would you like to see to improve water quality 25% in Carlton County?  Please list your top three ideas.

* 2. What actions do you think are most important in helping to achieve the 25% improvement you listed in question 1.  Think about actions at the individual, community, state and federal levels and consider where we should focus our attention.  What actions are needed in Carlton County to improve water quality?

* 3. What would it take to move these action forward?

* 4. Do you have additional input you would like to share about accelerating the pace and progress toward water quality improvement in Minnesota?  Please give us your thoughts.