Please complete the following questions.

Your answers will be included with your letter of interest, resume and references. Each question allows for a maximum response of 20 lines; 100 characters each line. Please send your letter of interest, resume and references in a separate cover to Pamela Reiter at For more information on the Executive Director transition and application process, please visit:

* 1. Name:

* 2. How do you envision promoting the values, goals and public image of the State Bar with the President, board, public, staff and Membership?

* 3. What would you do to make our budget more transparent and understandable to our members?

* 4. What can the Executive Director and Association do to assure that members find value in their membership?

* 5. What experience do you have as a lobbyist? Please describe in detail.

* 6. If the answer to the above question related to lobbying experience is “none,” please check all that apply.

* 7. What can you do to help ensure continuity of the state bar strategic plan between presidents while also advancing the objectives of each president and the bar commission?