1. Help me improve your gardening experience.

I have had a lot of good and not-so-good comments about how the Community Garden went this year. Overall I think everyone was happy with the gardens. I would like all of you you to take a few minutes and fill out the following survey so that I can make it better for everyone. If you would, please write your comments in the space below.

Please be sure to check the box, giving me permission to use your comments in any of our catalogs and websites. If you look in the January 2012 Gardens Alive! catalog (forthcoming), I believe you will see some of your fellow gardeners in a nice little segment about he community garden. There are other photos of the gardens used throughout the book as well. I hope to get some information on the Gardens Alive! website also.



* 1. How would you rate yourself as a gardener?

* 2. On average, how many hours a week did you work at the plots?

* 3. Were the plot sizes adequate (plots were 9ft. X 12ft.)?

* 4. Were you happy with the seeds and plants offered?

* 5. Were the fertilizers and pesticides that were made available satisfactory?

* 6. Rate whether you would want the community garden to be all organic or allowed to use synthetic pest controls and fertilizers?

  Organic Doesn't matter Synthetic
Please choose the button based on how strongly you feel about this.

* 7. Did you prefer or need to bring in your own fertilizers and pestcides and if so what products?

* 8. What form of communication would you prefer?

* 9. What do you plan on growing next year?

* 10. What experiments did you try and were you successful with them?

* 11. What did you learn from your neighbours?

* 12. If needed, would you put work hours in to compensate for use of the garden plots (i.e. for the benefit of the garden as a whole)?

* 13. Would you be willing to pay for the use of the plots?

* 14. Did you have any issues or problems with the community gardens and your fellow gardeners?

* 15. Do you have any comments or suggestions?

* 16. May we have your permission to publish your comments in a future promotion?