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Thank you for your interest in attending a virtual walk audit as part of the Southern Nevada Regional Walkability Plan. Your participation will help our team better understand the existing pedestrian experience, and identify opportunities for improvement.
Walk audits are used to observe the existing walking and rolling conditions in a given area. Participants document pedestrian barriers and issues, and identify potential solutions and improvements. During the audits, we will evaluate elements such as existing infrastructure, crossing distances and safety, pedestrian behavior, and interaction with vehicles and cyclists. Observations made during these audits will help us determine potential countermeasures and street design concepts to improve walkability.

This Walk Audit process contains three components, described below. We will share information, dates, and details for each component with you via email.
Walk Audit Training (60 minutes, optional, virtual and recorded)
  • Walk Audit participants are highly encouraged to join us for this live training session (or watch afterwards if you cannot make it), in which we will train you to "know what to look for" and how to observe infrastructure critically in order to establish a baseline of what's working and what could be improved.

Self-guided Audit (optional, in-person)
  • Prior to our Virtual Walk Audit, we invite attendees to visit the audit route and observe and photograph on-the-ground conditions to share with the group during the Virtual Audit. Forms and maps will be provided.

Virtual Walk Audit (60 minutes, virtual)
  • At each Virtual Walk Audit we will virtually "walk" around the site, stopping at predefined locations to discuss what's working and what could be improved. Attendees will be encouraged to share experiences walking or rolling in this location, as well as what types of improvements seen in other areas that may be appropriate for our audit site.

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