Welcome to Nevada's Preservation Survey #1

The Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) thanks you for taking time to share your thoughts about historic preservation in Nevada.  Historic preservation has always been a community effort, and we’re glad to have you as part of the state’s preservation network.  Your participation is essential to the selection of preservation goals that the state’s partners will achieve in the next decade.

Once complete, the Nevada Preservation Plan for 2020-2028 will describe these goals and priorities for all historic preservation partners in Nevada.  The current plan, which will expire December 2019, is on our website here

The survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.  This is the first of two surveys available during the planning period.  The second survey will open after July 1, 2018 and will focus on the specific preservation goals you helped us to create.  We encourage you to take both surveys.

In this survey, the term "historic/archaeological" is used as a substitute for the term "cultural resource."
The term "historic" means over fifty years in age.
Hint: Do not use your browser's back button during this survey, click  the "Previous" button at the bottom of the page.